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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Systems

Medical HBO 
Therapy Chambers

Hipertech Monoplace Chambers are designed with full and semi-acrylic windows according to ASME PVHO. It is large interior and safety precautions will comply high technology and standarts of your medical center requirements.
  • Auto Gas-Stop System when door is opened
  • Air Condition System (Optional)
  • SP Telephone to communicate with patient
  • Entertainment System with LCD TV-DVD
  • Network Adaptable Computer Data Logger
  • Customized Hipersoft Full Automation System & Design (ISO IEC 25051)
  • TV-Monitoring System
  • Air Break Breathing System
  • Large Interior (customized)
  • Acrylic Complies with ASME PVHO (Made in EU)
  • Oxygen Analyzer
  • Intercom with two ways communication (AMRON USA)
  • Gurney / Stretcher (EN 1865-1)
  • Patient Alarm Button and Quick Stop Button
  • Safety Door System
  • Hyperbaric Approval Medical Equipment (Optional)
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